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challenge coins represent decorations provided to different individuals or perhaps in memory of famous incidents to supply special prestige to make it memorable. Therefore, custom challenge coins are seen as honors and so are preserved by many people. Possibly the system became popular in the first 50 percent of the twentieth century with decorations given to people serving armies of some nations. The army medals were later collected and served the goal of such coins. These were made of gold or gold -plated metals and bore insignias of numerous cores and were worn inside the military functions to show merits.

These coins are believed as most valuable possessions for army or air force personnel for deeds during wartime and so they treat these coins or medals as precious achievements within their careers by preserving them for the next generations. Most of the military and the police departments use the special coins to recognize merits of staff force for the unique feat and services information by presenting the coin to deserving candidates. It is now a tradition within the army, air force, navy, police, and fire brigade and so forth. It has helped to build up the moral of individuals serving the department and it is a proof of loyalty and dedicated service.

Common people also receive medals and coins as recognition to a particular extraordinary feats when in peril such as in natural calamities, fire and in wartime. They are also given custom challenge coins from the government authority to identify the special service rendered towards the society.

Many schools and institutions believe in the tradition of presenting medallions for grand achievements, which are respectfully preserved through the family for the later generation to become proud of. There is a trend in some societies to acknowledge different occasions to take out coins making it more interesting to guests with the function. People commemorate special dates by releasing coins, that are also preserved by people.

Different companies present special coins to dedicated employees with all the logo printed or embossed inside the coin as a mark of recognition of the special effort from the particular employee. Organizations present special coins as retirement gifts to its employees with a top quality record of performance for a long time to make the individual proud and to seek support and enthusiasm from your present employees.

Challenge coin presentation ceremony becomes an essential occasion for the entire company, which creates an atmosphere of positive attitude in present employees to offer better service to the organization.