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blog about long path - Long Path can be a 347 mile-hiking trail that spans through Nj and New York. The road runs through Harriman State Park, the Hudson River Valley, the newest Jersey Palisades, the Catskills, and the Minnewaska State Preserve. If you are a experienced long-distance hiker, the road does allow for a whole through trip although it may prove to be difficult in certain areas such as Oc. The trail is a lot more commonly used for excursions or short overnight trips starting and ending at various points on the trail.

The Path

Starting in Fort Lee, on the New Jersey side with the George Washington Bridge, the trail spans north to John Boyd Thacher Park near Albany. Long Path is marked with light blue trail markers that often lean towards aqua or teal.

blog about long path problems - Picking the trail up inside the Catskills or in Harriman State Park is good if you would like to hike dirt. During our review of Long Path, we started our hike away from US 6 Westbound a couple of miles west from the Bear Mountain Bridge. There exists a sign on US 6 for Long Path that directs you right into a small parking lot to park your car and unload your gear.

After leaving the car park, the path takes you through to a moderate climb up Long Mountain. At the very top you are greeted with a few breathtaking views with the Hudson River and the Hudson River Valley. The top hill is committed to Raymond H. Torrey, a hiker who was simply instrumental in the development of the trail.


long tool blog with solutions - Long Path ranges from moderate to strenuous in difficulty, although Long Mountain from US 6 is a lot more moderate than strenuous. Hiking through the winter months tends to be more difficult due to the small patches of ice around the trail. The trail is usually cleared and at points even lined with logs. Compared to other stretches of Long Path, the section by US 6 is pretty mild in difficulty.