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Deep Clean Your Carpets to Keep Your Carpets Clean

Traditional carpet cleaning can’t be relied upon to leave your carpet completely clean. Vacuuming, washing, even steam cleaning will not touch the dirt engrained deep down in the carpet fibres. Regular deep cleaning is required in order to remove the toughest dirt from your carpets.

Everyone knows they have to wash their kitchen or bathroom floors if they are to stay hygienically clean, so why do we make do with merely vacuuming our carpets? Not only is it less thorough, carpets are also far more likely to trap dirt and detritus than laminate. Britain has some of the filthiest carpets in the world. 90% of people surveyed have never steamed or shampooed their carpet and have no intention of doing so in the future. As a result, the average domestic carpet is 5 times dirtier than the average city street. As well as the dirt, human hairs and spilt drinks one might expect to find, a typical house’s carpets will also include the body parts of various insects, human skin, all sorts of mites, and hairs from other mammals such as rats and mice.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning system is the most cost effective option; it costs only a fraction of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company and accompanying instructions provide you with all the skills you need to conduct the deep cleaning process yourself.

Deep cleaning scrubs, lifts and cleans your carpets deep down; agitating the pile in order to break up and remove those contaminants ordinary cleaning doesn’t even come close to. It is recommended that you deep clean your carpets in this manner once every 6 months. Traditional cleaning applies water, shampoo or steam to the top of the carpet and little of it reaches the bottom of the pile, where much of the dirt is located. Deep carpet cleaning systems spray carpet foam deep into the bottom of the carpet, where it agitates and releases buried dirt, dust and grime in seconds. The reason most people wouldn’t consider cleaning carpets in the way they do laminate or wooden floorings is for fear of damaging the carpets if it could not be properly dried. Once the foam has been injected into the carpet and the deep dirt released, the resultant solution is sucked back up into the unit straight away. This prevents the carpet backing from suffering water damage. The drying time is also reduced and the carpet is clean within 2 hours.

One of the major risks of deep dirt is allergens. In particular, household mites can provoke allergic reactions in some and deep carpet cleaning reduces the levels of such mites within the pile. Professional deep cleaning systems leave your carpet hygienically clean and its colours appear restored to their original brightness.

Supplemental products are also available to help deal with other common and difficult to tackle carpet problems. The enzyme technology in urine eliminating cleaners destroys the crystals in dried in stains. This includes particularly unpleasant substances which can be difficult to remove, e.g. urine, faeces, blood and vomit. The carpet cleaner has to be left for 24 hours for the enzymes to take effect. The cleaner should not be blotted or wiped off; instead, you need merely place a damp cloth over the affected area and leave it to dry. The urine eliminating cleaner can also be used as a pre-treatment for carpets before cleaning them with a professional system.

Your carpet isn’t truly clean unless it has been deep cleaned. Professional carpet cleaning systems are the most effective way to do this. Your carpet is left cleaner and brighter without any risk of damage.