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The Ultimate WotLK Gold Guide! World of Warcraft's latest expansion pack, the Wrath of the Lich King (or shortly WotLK) is one huge and broad expansion pack that offers you several hours of entertainment. Finding old is easy especially in Azeroth and Outlands, but Northrend is a different and unkown area. Here is the ultimate WotLK gold guide to know a few shortcuts here and there, to raise your gold level higher and make you richer! Firstly, it is important to read patch notes and maintenance notes to greatly boost your gold making aptitude. When a new item is introduced, it is important to be there so you can make more money out if it before the price skyrockets. Know the mobs and bosses around, and know when to farm. Farm during off peak times so that you can make gold faster. There are certain times where the mobs respawn faster, and some mobs pay off higher gold than others. This is a very important tip: you should have enough bag space when leveling. Pick and choose the largest bags you can afford, to have the enough storage to get you the most gold every hour. BoE drops are very high in demand, so always get these items and keep them in your bag to have them auctioned any time you want. Through this, you can rake in gold very quickly and handsomely. Always keep track of your totals. There are many a WotLK gold guide that can do the keeping track for you, but better keep track of the totals and do the comparing yourself. While out in Northrend, be sure to get a gathering profession and keep the levels up. Mining and herbalism are the best profession, as they will give the most amount of gold than any other profession. Gather cloth for good profit. There is a new cloth in Northrend called 'Frostweave'. There is very high demand for Frostweave, so loot cloth as much as you can. Gathering cloth requires no experience and you can do so at any level. You can master the Tailor profession, where the tailors have the ability to scavenge additional cloth. Alchemy is another great profession to gain massive amounts of Gold in WoW's Wrath of the Lich King. The WotLK expansion pack is always in high demand for consumables, transmutes and flasks. The most profitable mastery is the Elixir Specialization, while Potion Mastery and Transmutation Mastery follow closely behind. WotLK gold guide recommends skinning for huge profits. In Northrend, there is now an abundance of many animals, so you can capitalize on skinning and looting. There are plenty of animals roaming around the area, the most common being the Borean Tundra, the Grizzly Hills and the Howling Fjord. You can gain major gold just by selling Arctic fur and Borean leather. If you're not a skinner, you can stick to looting. New meats are also very high in demand, like the chilled meat and chunk o'mammoth to gain enormous profits. For more information check out these sources Zygor guides Zygor guidesWow tips