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Blackhat Method of Getting High Page Rank Backlinks

This method is so simple, its not even funny. Here is what you do:

1. clear your website/blog of all backlinks

2. go to your webmaster forums and browse to the link exchange section

3. post a thread about how you are doing link exchanges, tell people that you have pr 1 blog/website and you are willing to do link exchanges but only for up to 10 links. Then go to another forum and post the same thing saying you’ll only accept 20 max links on the site. Then again, go to another forum make the same post saying you’ll accept up to 30 max links. So it will work like this:

forum a: accept first 10 links forum b: accept 10 more links for 20 total obl forum c: accept 10 more links for 30 total obl

In exchange for placing a link to their site on your site the other person will place a link to your site with whatever anchor text you want. So using the above example you’ll get probably 25-30 do follow pr 1 links back to your site. http://adsense-tricks.us/black-hat-seo/blackhat-method-high-page-rank-backlinks/ Now here is where the blackhat method comes in:

after maybe 1 month just delete all the links to the other sites and repeat step 3. Bam there you go, now you have another 25-30 do follow high pr links. Some other webmasters will notice you deleted their link but who cares, not every webmaster will so you’ll get free high pr backlinks.

If you want to be even bigger blackhat then just keep repeating the method over and over without waiting.

Maybe wait like 3-4 days then delete the links and keep doing link exchange with other webmasters. Make sure you catalog who you’ve traded with in an excel file that way if they contact you again you won’t do another link exchange with them. You could also create new forum accounts to stay under the radar.

The higher pr your blog/website the more people will want to trade with you. Also, you’ll be able to get higher pr backlinks.