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If you are planning a getaway to the English Riviera, you need to first find the perfect Brixham holiday cottages that'll fit you preferences and needs. Brixham holiday cottages are luxurious, clean, comfortable and spacious so these are ideal accommodation through your holidays. Brixham has a lot to provide its visitors apart from its pristine beaches and several of these are near the comfortable Brixham holiday cottages. There are natural parks and gardens, adventure centres, historic web sites, restaurants and so a whole lot more. You will acquire some of the greatest food here at Brixham or get the opportunity to obtain a good suntan when you look at the beaches or else step back into days gone by with a visit to the museum. A call to the many restaurants would be a good way to get rid of your day of sightseeing or adventure hopping in Brixham. Below are a few restaurants that you must sample during your holidays plus they are very accessible if you are residing at the luxurious Brixham holiday cottages.