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Yes, I know that you want to be adored and admired - we all do.

And yes, I know you want it exactly like you want it and no other way - not too much, not too little.

If you want to be adored, then you have to make the effort to be adorable.

Being adored does not come from being lazy... or boring.

You will not be adored just because your mom told you that you are great.

If you want to be adored, then you have to be exceptional.

First impressions count for more than you think.

You have to make the effort to be different.

You have to be outstanding.

Stand up straight.

Sit up straight.

Shoulders back.

Speak clearly and intelligently.

Dress with style.

Be hygienic.

Be classy.

Always excel in conversation and with sexual interaction.

Listen - it is better than talking too much.

Observe - it is better than ignoring.

Details matter - there are no reasons for being overweight or unclean, only excuses.

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