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The series's fictional Los Angeles, California suburb of Agrestic is home to Nancy Botwin, whose husband Judah died of a heart attack while jogging with their son Shane. Nancy's kids, Silas and Shane, both attend Agrestic's public school program.To help her upper middle class life style, Nancy commenced dealing marijuana to her affluent neighbors and good friends. Her supplier is Heylia James, a main distributor in Los Angeles' West Adams district whom she met via Heylia's nephew, Conrad. Right after losing buyers to a healthcare marijuana shop, Nancy begins baking and marketing pot-laced brownies. Acting around the assistance of her accountant, city councilman Doug Wilson, she opens a retail bakery, stocked with Costco baked goods, as a front for her drug sales. Silas starts dating Megan, an appealing deaf girl at his college. Shane, troubled by his father's death, acts out, for instance biting the foot of an additional kid inside a martial-arts tournament, and earns the nickname "Strange Botwin" from classmates.Nancy's friend is usually a manic, image-obsessed, and manipulative Celia Hodes, who may be the president with the Agrestic PTA. Celia does not get together with her cheating husband Dean, nor does she get along with her sexually active 15-year-old daughter, Quinn (Silas' prior girlfriend), whom she sends off to boarding college in Mexico following the pilot. Her more youthful daughter, 11-year-old Isabelle, is overweight and continuously the target of her mother's passive aggressive comments. She reveals late in the period that she is a lesbian, significantly to her mother's chagrin. Toward the end from the period, Celia is diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer. The brush with her personal mortality softens her abrasive personality and leads her to treat her own daughter with more courtesy and respect. She rapidly returns to form after her recovery nonetheless. Before her surgery, she picks up Conrad and has sex with him. Conrad is long-time buddies with Andy Botwin, the younger brother of Nancy's late husband and also the black sheep from the loved ones. Andy says he has moved into the Botwin household to support Nancy out, but in fact seems being there to free-load, and to disrupt Nancy's existence. When he is notified to report right away for his previously agreed-on military support (where he will be qualified after which sent to Iraq) or be sentenced to a military prison, he announces that he's studying to turn out to be a rabbi like a dodge to avoid his military obligation.