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Victoria - Victoria University

Victoria University (UVIC) is one of Canada's leading institutions of high education, located in western Canada's most famous capital of Bc, Victoria. Uvic was formally established on July 1, 1963, 60 years before that, respectively as Victoria College of McGill University and the University of British Columbia. Uvic has about 17,000 undergraduate students, 2,000 master and doctoral students. In the end of To November 1999, Uvic has granted 55,952 degrees.

Uvic is a multi-disciplinary comprehensive university; it's college of Economics, Education, Engineering, Law, Human and Social Development Institute, Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences as well as other colleges and professional departments. Uvic is the second largest University in Bc receiving external research funding and contract funds. It connects with 118 institutions from27 countries around the globe, also includes nine Asian countries. Uvic is also one of the three universities in Canada which includes work-study "Cooperative Education" (co-op education program) projects. Location of Uvic can be described as one of the world's best place, first, the host city of Uvic, the Victoria city may be the nominated top ten "best city to live" by world's major travel magazines annually.

The city is located in western Canada along the Pacific coast of vancouver island's southern tip, surrounded by the sea, the west side is Pacific, east with the mainland city of Vancouver is the largest city in the province, south side is Olympus Mountain of America across the sea. Because it is located in the maritime climate, so pleasant weather conditions are all year round, there is no significant distinct for that four seasons. The city has only smoke-free industry, no pollution, clean and clear air throughout the year. Second, the campus is situated in one of the city's best location, a place of 160 acres, the campus includes a rational layout and beautiful academic buildings, libraries, gymnasiums, parking lots, dormitories, restaurants, etc., as well as with the international standing of the garden, ecological reserves and enormous tracts of undeveloped forest. 15 minutes' walking from east campus you are able to reach vast beach park, 15 minutes' driving you can reach the southwest the city center and the inner harbour. Campus has 7 terminuses of numerous bus lines.

victoria weather ferries - Transport is quite convenient. And as long you are Uvic student, you can take student ID and consider the city bus for free. Uvic has lots of sports facilities, swimming, tennis, basketball, football, skating, aerobics and lots of other venues through the campus and open to students free of charge. The biggest library on campus- McPherson Library - collection of 1.6 million, 1.7 million CD, video and also the Department of Film has 4500, 42,000 tape drive, that is one of Canada's most advanced library.