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What Will Happen After The Kids Leave The House?

When you first become a parent, it is hard to picture the time when your kids will move out on their own. It feels like diapers and bottles will be a part of your life forever, enhanced by pudgy hands to hold and sweet little kisses. Of course this isn't the case. Your kids do grow up and strike out on their own paths. After spending many precious years together, many parents are likely to feel emotional at this moment in their lives. In order to prepare yourself, you need to have a plan to help you adjust to this major transition.

Keep in mind that no matter what happens, you are always going to be your children's dad or mom. Your children do not need you in the same way, but they still need a relationship with you. When children are small, they are dependent on you. It is your responsibility to give them the skills and knowledge they need to become independent people. After they reach adulthood, the relationship transitions. Most likely they will still require your advice, and you are always going to provide them with it. Gradually, however, there will be things that they can teach you. The relationship can move away from the parent-child relationship of their childhood toward a friendship, a very close and beautiful friendship if neither of you seeks to be controlling.

Take some time to look at the bright side. With your children out of the house, you have more time to done on your darling (and occasionally neglected) spouse. It?s hard to get time alone with children in the house. You'll have more time now to focus on each other and to get reacquainted. Now you can do what you wanted to do in the past, but couldn't manage to fit in with the children at home. It's a wonderful time to get out there and have some fun with your spouse. You can get spontaneously romantic whenever you wish. You may just find that your child leaving the home helps to bring the spontaneity and romance back into your relationship. You can enjoy similar benefits if you're a single parent. With all your free time, you can meet new people and make new friends. They could take you on new adventures you never would have considered with your little ones in tow. In the process you could find yourself falling in love and starting a whole new life.

Parents often have to place their children?s needs ahead of their own. Not anymore! Now you can find time for yourself. You no longer have to put your own needs on the back burner. Finally, you have the chance to do everything you want to do. Maybe you can visit a country you've never been to. If there is a hobby you wanted to try, you'll have the time to give it a whirl. No matter what it is, you can devote some time to making it happen.

The best thing to do when your kids are gone is to allow yourself some time to get reacquainted with your new living situation before making any life-altering decisions. Naturally, you should remain connected with your kids, because they may be having a difficult time getting used to their situation as well. There is plenty of time to pursue new hobbies and adventures after both you and your children have grown accustomed to the living situation. Remember to take time and enjoy the years ahead. Your job as a parent of little ones is complete. You did a good job preparing your child for what was ahead. It's time to have fun, a new kind of fun. Get out there and make it happen.