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The site has well over a million visitors each day, and is listed among the 100 most well-known internet sites in Spain with regards to website traffic. This morning, even so, visitors had been shocked by a warning from US authorities. Continuing the earlier “Operation in Our Sites” actions, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had seized rojadirecta .org domain.

Rojadirecta is an unusual target for various reasons, not least because the web page has been declared legal twice by Spanish courts. The site’s owners have previously fought a 3 year legal battle in Spain, which they won, but a single seizure warrant from US authorities has produced this victory pointless.

Without receiving a notification or the selection to defend themselves, the site’s domain was seized this morning.

“We haven't been notified,” Rojadirecta’s Igor Seoane told TorrentFreak. As together with the earlier seizures the domain registrar was bypassed inside the seizure. “According to Go Daddy they have not touched anything,” Seoane mentioned.

Equivalent to BitTorrent web-sites, Rojadirecta does not host any copyrighted material. As an alternative, it indexes HTTP links to sports streams that could already be located on the internet, and also carries links to .torrent files that are hosted on other web pages.

The web page is owned by a Spanish enterprise that pays its taxes and has been declared to operate legally in Spain. Additionally, the site isn't hosted inside the US either. The roja directa only connection for the US is the fact that the .org domain is maintained by a US company.

This indirect connection to the US makes the seizure a dubious action, in accordance with Rojadirecta’s owner. “In our opinion the US authorities are absolutely despising the Spanish justice technique and sovereignty,” Seoane told TorrentFreak.

In the moment Rojadirecta displays the same message from DOJ and ICE because the web pages seized last year, such as Torrent-Finder. It really is expected that Rojadirecta is among the initial of a brand new list of seized domains.

The message below is posted on

The sports streaming and P2P link internet site is presently looking for legal tips, each in Spain plus the US, and its owners are determined to fight the seizure with all signifies they've.

In spite of losing the .org domain, Rojadirecta can still be accessed through,,, The latter two domains are interestingly sufficient maintained by the identical firm as the .org domain, but Rojadirecta ensures us that they have lots of other domains that happen to be not controlled by US authorities or businesses.

The seizure of Rojadirecta shows that commercial interests are high on the agenda with the US Government. Seizing a domain which has been specifically declared to operate legally in other nations does not appear to become an obstacle. In this light, a single has to wonder if generic domain names should really be controlled exclusively by US firms.

Update: The owner of informed us that his site was seized also. Channelsurfing embedded videos from other internet sites and never hosted any copyrighted material on its servers ver futbol .