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This year, Contact of Duty will be releasing its highly expected video game Black Ops 2. This will be the ninth installment in the Get In Touch With of Duty series. As anticipated, it will choose up in which Treyarch’s Black Ops still left off, bringing with it a total new type of recreation play. Its launch date has been set for the 6th of November.

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In a memo leaked by Activision, Black Ops 2 promises new recreation modes, new perks, and a total slew full of new pointstreaks and how they are earned. A Single new game mode promised has been named “Escort”, in which a player “must be escorted to a single of 3 places (or two dependent on the map) without being killed”. The match will have three rounds, consisting of a single daily life only. Activision also promised the return of Drop Zone and Destroy Confirmed, whilst other folks this kind of as Crew Defender and Contaminated will not return.

While there may possibly be a huge shakeup in the video game mode portion of Black Ops 2, it looks pointstreaks will continue being related to last many years Modern Warfare 3. Black Ops 2 will set even more emphasis on objectives, as the level value of completing objectives has been substantially raised. 1 slight alter to the pointstreaks comes in the professional package, which in the preceding serious permitted you to unlock extra perks on killing enemies with no dying. The alter comes in the perks, which will only internet you up to four extra perks on killing your eighth enemy. As An Alternative of unlocking all perks upon your eighth successive kill, you will instead unlock the pro variations of these perks, successfully restricting your possible lethality.

Speaking of perks, the perk program has obtained a significant upgrade. The new “perk program 2.0″ has been upgraded. Accoding to the memo, “there is now 2 choices a perk can advance to. Each demand distinct challenges to unlock”. The memo then goes on to describe, “once the desired Pro version is unlocked, the participant can decide on that as their “Perk Pro”. When selected, the only way to pick the other alternative is by entering status mode. An example of a new Perk is the freshly added “Speed” perk. Pace lessens the time taken to intention down the sight. 1 pro selection offers you the capacity to swap weapons faster, while the other presents you the capacity of throwing devices faster.

Looking at the Assault package, it seems we will have at least a single new killstreak. Named the “Heat Scope”, players “can activate this pointstreak and your player pulls out a scope and attaches it to your weapon. This scope’s primary edge is its potential to detect enemies through most walls”. Treyarch would seem to have been listening to the mass sum of players complaining about camping. The memo also went on to explain that “the scope can only be attached to primaries not such as shotguns”. The memo also mentions that the RC-XD, a remote managed auto wired to explode with C4, will not be making a return in this game.

A new entry to the Contact of Duty collection was also pointed out in the memo, called “Item Packages”. Item Deals will “fall alongside facet care packages and air drop traps. It characteristics a checklist of package objects only which includes ammo, mini gun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, and human body armor”. Whilst this might not look like massive news, the Item Bundle would significantly alter the game, rendering a participant into an unstoppable killing machine… If he got the appropriate equipment.

Prestiges has been a very hot debate lately, particularly with MW3. Even Though they are returning in Black Ops 2, there has been substantial changes. The memo states that “there will be 15 prestiges, 50 ranks, each two prestiges there is a 5 rank increase, and the ultimate status has 90 levels”. These prestiges will all be stored monitor by the new and improved Elite 2.0. Whilst Elite didn’t really maintain up to our standards in MW3, Elite 2.0 has been upgraded, with a specific lobby for clan stats. You are now able to host clan tournaments as well.

Maps have also been stated in the memo. It was said that “map design and style and dimension will be adhering to Black Ops not Contemporary Warfare 3″, which means those easy and colorful textures will be returning. Whilst we’re on the matters of graphics, don't forget how your very first perk selection would decide how your character was modeled? Nicely that’s been modified as well, ensuing in significantly less clones operating close to the maps. Your character look will now be made a decision on all of the perks you’ve chosen, as nicely as the pointstreaks! That implies no more enemy groups consisting of the very same dude in the ghille match working about with a sniper rifle.

Which brings me to the up coming point. According to the memo, sniper rifles have been substantially changed. Snipers will have no aim aid for any sniper rifle, as properly as less sway. What this implies is quickscoping will be significantly harder, although laying susceptible to engage targets shall be encouraged. Of course, that won’t assist you in the new and enhanced hardcore mode. Black Ops 2 will spot “larger emphasis on hardcore than ever before”, getting rid of grenade launchers completely, so no much more screaming noob tube. Additionally, only car guided rocket launchers permitted, that means you won’t hear anybody boasting about their professional pipe either. Respawn timings have been reduced (for most modes). The memo goes on to explain the freshly transformed hurt system, in which “one bullet in the foot will no lengthier destroy a person, a head or chest shot is generally required.” Also recently added, a individual will now bleed out if severely injured.

As much as we all enjoy new stuff, Black Ops 2 will also see the elimination of controversial items. The extensively criticized “Last Stand” perk has been removed, as nicely as all dying streaks. However, even if you control to have a perfect game, you won’t be ready to nuke the opposition with a MOAB, as they will not be returning either. The flame thrower will also not be seeing a return this game.

Lastly, it has been confirmed that the “Combat Program 2.0″ will be coming to Black Ops 2. The AI has been substantially improved, and difficulty no longer depends on how lengthy it normally requires the AI to shoot. We will be seeing a nearer resemblance to the AI in MW3′s Survival mode than Black Ops’ Fight System.

While these might just be rumors, it surely would seem that Black Ops 2 is using a massive leap in the right direction. The world will see what’s in retailer when the sport releases on November 6th, this year. So get your wallet ready, controllers broken in, and look at out for these claymores.