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If you are a certified beach junkie, then it is time to put costa rica beach resortsin to your itinerary and read about the greatest Costa Rica beach guide. You have a choice of either Pacific or Caribbean beaches to select from and each beach is unique.

Costa Rica arises from the Spanish word 'rich coast', which is true enough since it hosts renowned coastlines and beach resorts. Genuine travelers and backpackers consider Costa Rica immediately when you say you're on the prowl for fantastic beaches. While you pack your bags and book your flight to Costa Rica, you might want to spend some time in reading the Costa Rica beach guide to make the most out of your stop by at the coast.

Before you accuse the map makers in the costa rica resortsas unimaginative because the majority of their beach spots starts with the word 'playa', be informed that the Spanish word 'playa' literally translates to the word 'sea'. So señoritas y senoritas, now you understand that basically they all are called 'playas' in Ingles.

The initial in your beach stop ought to be Manuel Antonio. It is one of many internationally renowned beaches because of its powdery white sands in enchanting blue-green waters. The surrounding hilltops are lined with virgin waterfalls, streaming to its horseshoe bays. You can opt to costa rica vacations snorkel when visiting this little gem of a destination.