An Overview of Poland for Travelers

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Poland has a distinctive background in Europe, typically pulled amongst Russian and Western interests. It you are organizing a trip to Poland, here is some background info your ought to know.

An Overview of Poland for Travelers

The official name of the country is the Republic of Poland. It covers an area of roughly 120,000 square miles, about the same size as the State of New Mexico in the United States. The capital of the country is Warsaw, which is also the largest city by population with practically 1.7 million residents calling it residence. Other cities of significance include Lodz with a population of just fewer than 800,000, Krakow with 760,000 residents and Gdansk with 460,000 individuals. The terrain of Poland is primarily flat even though mountains can be identified in the region along the southern border of the country.

Citizens of the Republic of Poland are recognized as Polish. The most current census discovered there 36.8 million folks living in the country, though some are undocumented aliens. The annual growth rate for the population is stagnant, neither developing nor declining sufficiently to be considered to be altering from a statistical point of view. In contrast to numerous European nations, Poland is primarily populated by its personal men and women with Polish individuals producing up 98 percent of the ethnicity. A smattering of German, Ukrainian, Belorussian and Lithuanian men and women also live in the country.

Poland is a predominantly uniform religious country. Over 90 percent of Poles subscribe to the Roman Catholic faith. Followers of Eastern Orthodox, Uniate, Protestant and Judaism can also be here found.

The literacy rate in Poland is more than 98 percent, on par with rates all through much of Europe. The official language is Polish, which is also the dominant language truly employed by the citizens of Poland. Life expectancy for Polish males is 70 years of age, although girls life an extra nine years on typical, a marked distinction.

Poland is frequently overshadowed by Hungary and Czech as a travel destination in the former bloc nations of the Soviet Union. This offers you an chance to encounter it before the fast food joints of the west start taking more than the quaint country.