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candida is a fungus; it is a yeast-like micro-organism naturally present in the intestines, mouth, mucous membranes as well as other moist private body parts. Under normal conditions, it is held in check by friendly bacteria, natural flora present in the intestine which lives in the controlled, balanced symbiosis with candida.

Conditions conducive towards the over-growth of candida is brought on by incorrect diets incorporating high ingestion of sugar and uncomplicated carbohydrates, acid-alkaline imbalances, excessive use of antibiotics, oral contraceptives or a weak defense mechanisms.

Women, in particular

Women, in particular face significant problems in the candida fungus. Once this balance is disturbed with a weak immune system, the irresponsible use of birth control pills, spermicidal agents, chemical douche or antibiotics vaginitis can result. Diabetes and pregnancy will also be known to result in vaginitis.

Before treating yourself

Before treating with any over-the-counter drug or herbal preparation, please ensure that you are actually treating a infection. This can be of distinct importance with candida as if an incorrect diagnosis is created, it can be highly not a good idea. Accurate diagnosis is totally vital because candida is capable of doing producing more than 100 symptoms that will confuse even the most experienced medical practitioner.

Genital yeast infection Treatments.

Candida natural home remedies for vaginitis are readily available and much more often than not can lead to a complete cure. Effective herbal remedies are as follows:

   Creams containing anti fungal agents like Clotrimazole, Butoconazole, Miconazole and Tioconazole are some of the topical treatments  that can be used for genital candidiases.
   Mouth ulcers or thrush can usually be treated with an anti-fungal agent like Nystatin for gargling and rinsing the mouth.
   Clotrimazolecreams and lotions can be applied topically for diaper rashes and superficial skin infections.

The most widely used home treatment for candidiasis has come about as oral tablets, ointments and creams and suppositories that can be inserted directly into the vagina. These types of herbal remedies and can be purchased from reliable websites on the net.

Treating Vaginitis

The key to treating candida infection, including vaginitis would be to start by cleansing your body with detoxification. Toxins as well as other undigested foods build-up in the body and system and can affect your good health adversely.

As soon as vaginitis is confirmed from your physician, she will prescribe some topical ointments for you personally. However, home herbal treatment should be an essential part of any Candida cure like a successful conclusion with the infection and the following actions should be adhered to:

   Yeast thrives inside a damp environment so keep your area well ventilated.
   Wear clothes that allow free ventilation of air; whenever possible choose skirts over tight  jeans and stay away from any polyester, plastic or leathers. Once you reach home eliminate  excess clothing.
   Cotton absorbs moisture, allows air circulation and keeps your skin layer dry, so stick to cotton panties.  Panty hose with a cotton crotch is a good idea or make use of a panty liner.
   Generally, dusting powders are starch-based and so are a perfect medium for growing yeast cultures. Never use dusting powder in  your panties.
   Stay away from unnecessary use of contraceptive jellies, sprays and chemical douche's. The problem will  only be exacerbated using chemicals; instead use cool water because the vagina has natural self-cleansing characteristics.
   Another natural substitute for a chemical douche is a mixture of vinegar and water.
   Try without having sex if you have vaginitis. It's going to cause extra irritation in a already itching  area and will lead to re-infection from your partner.
   Cleanliness and good hygiene during and after a bout of vaginitis will be the treatment and  protection against further infection.
   Your body cannot function without water; which is a very effective detoxification tool. Drink Eight to ten glasses of  water daily.

Candida can be cured effectively with a number of herbs. Oil of Oregon, grapefruit seed extract, tea tree oil and live yogurt culture: these are amongst the more effective herbs that are used against candida. Use sugar-free yogurt if you choose to use yogurt. Once the normal flora of the intestine is disturbed using antibiotics, it will be a good idea to re-colonize it with probiotic supplements.

However, a low sugar and carbohydrate weight loss program is among the most effective cures, and prevention, for candida infection. Limit your consumption of sugar and high carbohydrate foods. These function as fuel for the fungus as well as the more you consume, the more it will proliferate.