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best washer and dryer - We get it. Once we want something, we want the best. That fades to washers and dryers too. For something that will wash our precious clothes, merely the best has to stay.

We did every one of the dirty work for you and found the following washers that also double as dryers fully functional and well-made.

LG WM3431HS All-in-one Washer And Dryer

You can really start to see the evidence of LG technology. They've always been a company that carefully thinks through the technology they will integrate inside their appliances. This one does not disappoint.

You can use either function separately or program the equipment to wash clothes and transition to the drying stage even without you baby sitting it. You have the option of 5 temperature selections or more to 9 wash presets that can wash everyday wear to delicate fabrics. You will find this washer ideal due to the comparatively quieter functions due to less motor parts moving.

Haier XQG5011 Front Load Washer/ Dryer

This can be a very compact washer providing you with the perfect solution to space constraints. It's got about 11 pounds of tub capacity that will still accommodate many clothes. In addition, it boasts of very quiet functions.

Maytag Performance Series Front Load Washing machine and dryer

bosh washer dryer - Maytag should give themselves a pat in the back because they could actually manufacture a competent washer that may really satisfy the needs of shoppers. The sanitation cycles in this washing machine has been certified by NSF. It also has quiet functions that customers love as it will not produce whirring sounds or make earth shaking vibrations.

Whirlpool Duet

Whirlpool is one of the leading contenders within the appliance industry. That one has been integrated using a 6th sense technology that virtually gives the appliance a mind of the own. It can detect moisture and suds in clothes so it will reduce drying serious amounts of water consumption consequently. The quiet functions all of us are looking for is also in this washer and dryer.

Bosch Nexxt Series

cheap washing machines - You will discover this washer very gentle on your clothes. In many accounting, it has been determined that it accumulates less lint. It also is one for conserving energy and water. Using its efficient methods, you can cut back on electric and water costs. The drying cycle has additionally been integrated with a 6th sense technology to detect just how much moisture in the clothes is.