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The short answer adam is definitely YES YOU CARRY OUT! But it does depend on what you look for related to the melody. When you are saving a song with rapping beats adam d or that you might want to see family and friends and do nothing otherwise with, then you might not have to obtain it mixed in addition to mastered. But if you consider really promoting this song (especially around the radio) or maybe selling after that it you definitely Need the particular vocals and hip hop beats mixed and mastered. No matter if you have the most effective microphone on earth and also rapping beats or maybe soundclick beats through the best beatmakers alive - you ought to be PUT TOGETHER AND SKILLS DOWN. There's no getting around that. And do not just go to One to understand done rapid make sure these kinds of are work sounds very good! Your melody is your information to the globe - you wish it for you to sound adam-d as effective as possible. You should only have one chance at a first sight so make it count up. There are plenty of on the web and local alternatives in your case. Google Precursor Productions : they do FANTASTIC mixing and perfecting and it's affordable.