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You will not be able to properly assess the potentials of NFL picks without understanding the dynamics and nuances of the betting lines. In short, a sports bettor must be able to understand the process of bookmaking in order to properly decide the best betting options with the NFL picks that he has in hand.

Most sports bettors have this inclination of going for the heavy favorites. Seasoned and savvy sports bettors are fully aware that oddsmakers normally inflate the betting lines of popular NFL teams such as the Cowboys, Packers and Giants by as much as two points. This is done primarily in order to take into account the emotional push that drives the betting lines which might result to betting overload on the more popular team. You have to understand that the primary purpose of the oddsmakers is not actually to predict the outcome of the game but to seek the balance in the bets placed on both teams. This eliminates the risk in bookmaking while allowing a 10-percent margin for the bookie.

The next logical concern of sports bettors would be the NFL picks going the way of the underdogs. Sports bettors don't shy away from the dogs as there are definitely lots of earning opportunities and give them as many wins as the heavy favorites.

There are several major points to consider when exploring your betting options on the underdogs. If you want to get those extra juices from your NFL picks, then you have to remember the following:

   * A sharp sports bettor will play the dog in cases where the team that they are expecting to prevail comes out as the underdog. Those extra points will actually turn out to be a convenient buffer for you especially in situations where the game is close or goes into overtime.
   * An NFL team that is not known to be offensive-minded but submit good numbers on the defensive side can be a good option when you have NFL picks going for them as an underdog. Under favorable betting situations, you may bet on NFL teams like the Steelers, Ravens and Jets if the numbers are right.

   * The running underdog may turn in some big surprises. Thus, sports bettors need to determine if the underdog team has a clear edge when running the ball against the opposing NHL team. If you have such NHL picks that clearly take this into account, then you are definitely on the right track.