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I understand how frustrating it can be when you've spent hours washing your windows only to find streaks and smears when you're finished. As a professional window cleaner, I am here to say that cleaning your own windows does not have to be drudgery! In this article my goal is to help take the pain out of washing windows. I have listed the top four window cleaning tips that will help you produce those spotless and streak-free windows with less effort and more reward.

You must start with the proper window washing supplies. Having the right window cleaning tools alone can make or break a window washing job. Too often I see people using general store-bought cleaners, the wrong types of squeegee's, grandma's old homemade window cleaner, newspapers, paper towels, vinegar, and so on.

Tip 1 - The Squeegee

You must have a good quality window squeegee. Using paper towels, lint filled rags, news papers, a shower squeegee or an auto squeegee will not produce the results you are after. There are a few different brands and styles of squeegee's to choose from so you will want to get help with choosing the squeegee that is right for you. Give your local janitorial supply shop a visit. This is the best place to purchase a quality window squeegee among other window cleaning tools. You will also need a few replacement rubbers to go with your squeegee. It is critical to have new rubber blade on the squeegee before each window washing job.

Tip 2 - The Scrubber

Most of the hard work comes from removing dust, greasy finger prints, bug spots and other stubborn debris from the glass. By using a professional window scrubber, you will reduce a great deal of time. I would suggest purchasing a t-bar type scrubber that comes with a removable sleeve. These sleeves are usually made of micro fiber or 100% cotton. You can choose a non-bristle sleeve for tinted windows or with bristles for non tinted windows. Again, I would recommend visiting your local janitorial shop for this item.

Tip 3 - Window Cleaning Solution

This is one of the window cleaning tips that I am asked about the most often. What is your secret window cleaning solution? A lot of professional window cleaners including myself use there own-secret-homemade window cleaner that they've perfected over the years. There are pre-made window washing soaps on the market that you can purchase that do work great. If you want a quick and easy solution that you can make at home, try this. Mix about 1/4 teaspoon of any regular liquid dish soap to one gallon of soft or distilled water. You can use this solution in a bucket or put into a spray bottle. I think you will be surprised at how simple and well this little recipe will work.

Tip 4 - Detailing Towels

When it comes to detailing edges or touching up a small dime size spot, you will want to use a 100% cotton towel or a microfiber cloth. Most anything else will leave behind tiny lint particles that will be noticed when the sun shines through the window.

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