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The Importance Of Pest Control

Those who have been affected by any form of pest will know the distress and problems they can cause, insect infestations alone have led victims to throw out furniture and carpets and some have even been forced to leave their homes. However, those who are lucky enough not to have been affected by any pests may not realise the seriousness of making sure a pest infestation doesn’t get out of control.

What would you do if you had a sudden outburst of pests in your home or business establishment? Would you have the right equipment to get rid of them and stop them from increasing? Or if not who would you go to for advice or help? Based around London and Hertfordshire are some of the best leading pest control specialists. Choosing an experienced, licensed, professional pest control service will mean that not only do you get the correct advice and help without being ripped off, you will receive a friendly, integrated pest management service that focuses on the prevention and control of the problem, minimising the risk of an infestation either getting out of control or returning.

Many people are not completely aware of the importance of pest control, for instance certain pests can be extremely harmful to the health and productivity of our plants, several pests also pose a threat to farmers, as they can seriously hinder farm production. Other pesky unwanted animals can also damage a building’s structures, electrical wiring and water supply and most importantly they can affect our health and well-being, as you can imagine pests such as, rats and mice are extremely un-hygienic and have been known to carry several different types of diseases, insects such as parasites have also even been linked to Asthma.

In terms of the workplace pests are extremely important to be aware of, particularly in a business where you are dealing with the public, as a pest sighting could lead you loosing custom or even being shut down. Rodents are the most common, however bees, wasps, flies and cockroaches and can also cause infestations. Awareness of these creatures is vital, as the majority of them prefer dark, undisturbed areas, making them very hard to spot. Therefore, rather than checking round the back of your cupboards every few minutes, simply listen out for any scattering noises that could possibly be a rat or large insect, also look out for any form of droppings the pest may have left.

Prevention on your part simply involves making sure your business/home is thoroughly clean at all times, including inside and on top of cupboards and ensuring that any food or liquids spilt are immediately cleaned up. If you do spot anything that leads you to believe you might have pests, never hesitate to call upon the pest control professionals for advice. The best companies will offer free surveys and identification of your property, so there’s no need to worry about the expense. When choosing your pest control firm it’s also important to make sure they are a full member of the BPCA ‘British Pest Control Association’, which is the pest control industries’ official regulator, they also provide all the training and qualifications for pest control technicians. Above all you need to choose a company who don’t just come in, conduct a removal and leave, the best specialist will employ high quality customer care services, before, during and after the removal.