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The new Google Penguin update has made panic, headaches, worry and resentment to a lot of Search engine optimization authorities around the world. It’s been practically a week and nevertheless we hear the moans and groans of webmasters complaining Google messed it up (yet again). And you realize what? I consider they’re proper - Google messed it up. Properly, no less than just a little. Penguin, just like it is predecessor Panda, was suppose to cease Black-Hat methods and continue Google’s valiant effort to suppress web-spam. Keyword stuffing, over optimization, spam blog comments and automated applications have all been used by Black-Hatters to achieve an edge in search engine rankings. It’s becoming annoying and Google with their heroic web-spam leader, Matt Cutts, has vowed to cease it. But Penguin hasn’t worked out as Google planned. We’re seeing an influx of White-Hat sites losing rank and being penalized, even though these Black-Hat internet sites, Google has so diligently tried to wipe out, have seen increases in rankings. Want proof?

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Above you will discover the outcomes for the keyword “Buy Viagra” pulled from Google at 11:45am on 5/9/2012. Notice the 2nd and 3rd results? Attempt it for your self and notice when typing those domains into your browser you are going to get various outcomes. I’m not going to go into how or why this can be performed, the concept is always to show you Panda is broken. An algorithmic nightmare for those who will. So, what’s the point? Why has Google rolled out a lot more updates in 2 months than it has in years? Mainly because within the end there is some kind of headway becoming produced. Websites are getting penalized in compact numbers that deserve to become penalized. It is not 100% excellent but it is a long trip down a spammy highway boston seo company.

Do I agree with how they’re implementing their updates? Completely not. Do I believe it’s vital. Yes. Do I have a resolution? Sadly, no. My suggestion would be to modify the focus on how the algorithms are being run and cease focusing so much on hurting the junky sites that that aren’t clogging up major street visitors and concentrate on the massive guys. Hit ‘em where it hurts - I suppose. I do not think the internet is in terrific peril from web-sites ranking for the keyword “best golden ashtray”. Even so, when true details is getting mixed up with spam that ought to be the concentrate.

You cannot attack the massive plus the modest with all the exact same technique - it just doesn’t function boston seo company.