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It's nearly over, the wave of ezine article submissions is in the tail end of its life. At least that's what we wrote about almost two years ago. Problem is, people still read old articles on web marketing that elevate this strategy. Does it work? Yes. Does it work well? No. What was once a viable method of both promoting content/products and getting one way links, has turned into an industry with only a handful of viable players. There once was a time where 300+ article directories would be active on any given day. That number is 10 percent the size today.

How do we know? Well for one, individuals with article publishing software would have, like I said, a slew of directories to submit one article to (assuming they submitted to all). Nowadays, every two weeks you're removing more and more directories from the list because the domain has expired, the PR is zero, or new articles are not accepted/updated.

That's why it is time to move onto something better, web 2.0 sites! I would highly recommed using Senuke X, but befor you get it, I would recommend to try Senuke X outsourcing!