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Keep Your House Clean During Parties With Carpet Protection Tape

Whatever type of party you are having there is bound to be a mess to tidy up afterwards, even if you are planning a civilised affair. With everything from family celebrations, children’s birthday parties, sophisticated dinner parties to much less sophisticated Saturday night drinks with a large group of friends, there will always be the same kind of mess left for you to clean at the end.

To restrict damage to your property and keep your house clean during a party you cannot underestimate the importance of pre-party preparation. By carefully preparing your home you can guard against spillages and breakages, and make your home much easier to clean the next day. Nobody likes cleaning, let alone cleaning with a hangover.


It is likely your carpets will suffer the worst of the damage. Spillages are frequent at parties, as is general dirt from an increase in traffic. But these are easily avoidable. For parties which may get messy, such as children’s parties or large gatherings, use carpet protection tape. Carpet protection tape is a cheap sticky tape designed to keep carpets clean during DIY and construction projects, so it is more than capable of protecting against even the messiest parties.

Carpet protection tape offers temporary waterproof carpet defence and can simply be pulled up the next day, revealing your clean carpets underneath. It is low tack and doesn’t leave adhesive after being removed so as not to ruin carpet fibres. On seeing the condition of the carpet protection tape the day after your event you are likely to be glad you took the precaution; you won’t be left with any red wine stains or ground in mud to scrub.


While carpet protection tape protects your flooring, protection tape for surfaces will protect your surfaces from spillages, scratches and chips. They are ideal for use on kitchen worktops and tables as they will keep your surfaces clean and damage free. Like carpet protection tape, surface protection tapes are affordable and won’t damage your home.


For children’s parties and informal parties with a light buffet it makes sense to buy cheap plastic cutlery and paper plates. Keep a bin bag nearby to encourage guests to bin their rubbish afterwards, and the fact that everything is disposable means you won’t have to spend time washing up the next day.

Cleaning up after your party is quick and easy if you follow these tips. Simply bin cutlery and plates and roll up the carpet protection tape and surface protection tape.