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What is a Princess Cut Diamond ring

If you are looking to purchase a diamond ring online the wealth of choice open to you is phenomenal. Internet jewellery stores have quite literally opened up the and given couples access to view hundreds of types of rings, including the modified brilliant cut rings and also the dynamic square cut engagement rings, from the privacy and luxury of their own homes. This not only gives them more options then ever before but could save them substantial levels of money and alleviate a lot of the strain involved.

But which ring to choose? While the brilliant round diamond solitaires may dominant the market, for any ring that offers the same amount of sparkle but with an uplifting and contemporary feel, princess cut engagement rings are unbeatable. Developed in the 1970s after many years of research, the square princess cut was made by Ygal Perlman, Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz.

princess cut solitaire engagement rings

It was not the very first square cut for any diamond. Prior to its inception the emerald and Asscher cuts were utilised, however these were not able to create the same brilliance and fire. Their flat, broad facets afforded flashes of light and were devastating in their own way but were not recognized for their sheer scintillation. Forerunners to the princess itself included the profile and also the barion cut, created by Basil Watermeyer. This was almost a hybrid from the princess and also the emerald, although strict patenting for 25 years meant it was prevented from being popular.

With previous square cuts, it was essential to use the very highest standards of diamond because the open facets enabled any flaws to be clearly visible. The princess is able to overcome this to some extent due to the way the facets are organized. Plus because it is easy to retain around 80 percent from the rough diamond with the princess, compared to 50 % with the round, they can create an engagement ring with square setting which is affordable. For an engagement ring that is unforgettable, check out the big selection of princess cut solitaire engagement rings online.