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Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) is an air line cheap American based on Scythes, Roofing tiles. The air line was established in 1967, adopting its present name in 1971, and is in day 5 of June of 2011 the bigger air line of the United States based on the taken domestic passengers. [4] Although would work Boeing 727 airplanes by a brief period of time during years 70 and years 80, between that time and the 2012 air line it was known to be operator of unique-Boeing 737, and was in day 30 of September of 2011 the greatest operator of the 737 by everybody with on 550 of these airplanes in good condition, each that worked an average of six flights per day. [5] In May of 2011 the air line acquired the Orlando-based aerial routes of AirTran, with the complete integration of the carriers that happened during several years, and the 1 of March of 2012, a single meaning of the certificate of the operation published the company that of a technical, southwestern AirTran and point of view became an air line. [7] Consequently, following the fusion, towards the southwest also began to work Boeing 717. The southwest has 37,000 employees in the day December of 2011 and works more than 3,300 flights to the day. In the day January of 2012, Southwest Airlines works programmed service to 97 destinations in 42 states.

Foundation Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300 (N626SW) that lands in the international airport of McCarran represented in company' present librea of the blue one of the ravine of s. Southwest Airlines overcomes its roots to the incorporation of the 16 of March of 1967 of the southwestern Co. of the air of Rollin King and Kelleher grass to provide service within the state of Roofing tiles.

legal demand of the Kelleher competitors thought that providing inner service within Roofing tiles, the air line could avoid the federal regulation. [8] Three air lines, Braniff, Transport-Tile, and Continental Airlines supported, initiated legal demand that was not you solve by three years. It ventilates the southwest prevailed in 1970 in which the Supreme Court of Roofing tiles maintained the right of the southwest of the air to fly within Roofing tiles. the Court' Roofing tiles; supreme; the decision of s got to be final the 7 of December of 1970, when the Supreme Court of the USA fell to review the case without commentaries. [10] the history of the legal fight of the southwest was given return in a book of children, a Gumwrappers and spectacles by Winifred Barnum in 1983.

In history, the love of TJ, a small jet, jets is taken the court by two greater to keep it from its hangar and to stop it of the flight. Before the court, the right of the love of TJ to fly stays after an enthusiastic plea of a designated character " The Lawyer". Whereas it is not mentioned any names of company in the book, the colors of the TJ love were those of Southwest Airlines, and both others jets redden in Braniff and continental colors. They design the lawyer to resemble itself the Kelleher grass. The book was adapted in a musical comedy of the stage, demonstrates its alcohol, sponsored by Southwest Airlines, and only played in the cities of the city maintained by the air line.

Flight and name change first of the yield the 29 of March of 1971, the southwestern Co. of the air it changed its name to Southwest Airlines Co. [3] that worked from its Dallas, Roofing tiles, headquarters, Southwest Airlines began the service of attention to the client the 18 of June of 1971, offering service to the cities of Roofing tiles of Houston, Scythes and San three Antonio using Boeing 737 airplanes. [corrects] early corporative culture a 737-300 (N648SW) represented in Southwest' original librea of gold of the desert of s. Southwest Airlines collapses the grass Southwest Airlines California-based Pacific extensively studied Kelleher, and used many of the ideas of the air line to form the corporative culture in the southwest. The early flights used the same " Long legs and Nights" short; subject for the typical flights of Southwest Airlines of the stewardesses on board. A committee of individuals, including the same person whom it had selected to the presenters for Hugh Hefner' jet of playboy of s, selected the original assistants of flight for Southwest Airlines. The selection gave rise to a group of assistants of flight of feminine sex who were described like dancers, majorettes, and zanquilargos entertainers with " personalities" unique;. Southwest Airlines and the Kelleher grass came to dress to these individuals in hot trousers and shippers go-go.