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The Texas Tech University Red raiders basketball team competes in the highly competitive Big 12 Conference along with perennial powerhouse programs like the University of Kansas and the University of Texas. While the Big 12 is predominately known round the country as a football conference the grouping of 12 teams from seven states (Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas) consistently sends 5 or 6 teams to the NCAA Tournament every March. In many respects the success the Big 12 has in football (having appeared in 7 of the last 10 national championship games) overshadows the accomplishments on the hardwood where every season teams just like the Texas Tech Red Raiders step up and create a significant impact on the college basketball landscape.

Positioned in the West Texas city of Lubbock the Texas Tech Red Raiders and their 30, 000 students (24, 000 undergraduate and 6, 000 graduate) are typically associated with their football program in spite of the fact that the basketball has already established the same degree of success. Over the years the process have won 5 conference tournaments and 6 regular season championships in their amount of time in the now defunct Southwest Conference (dissolved in May, 1996). The Texas Tech program posseses an impressive 14 NCAA Tournament appearances to its credit and it has had the distinction of sending in regards to a dozen players onto play professional excellence in the NBA.