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The infamous HBO series 24/7 which features boxers before their big fights in an up and close documentary format premiered on Saturday night with the first Maywether vs Cotto 24/7 episode. It was the first of a few episodes that will show the fans a closer perspective into both fighters families, training camps, and lifestyles.

The episode began with Floyd Mayweather talking about how the entire show should be about the “Money Team”. He said that Cotto should get about 10 minutes of air time and the rest should feature Mayweather, 50 Cent and the rest of Floyd’s team. We then see the show ut to Cotto training seriously. It is made clear that Cotto doesn’t buy into the hype. He is the same fighter who trains hard all the time. There is no faking with Miguel Cotto.

As the episode continues we get a closer look at Floyd Mayweather who does not seem to be affected by his jail sentence scheduled to begin June 1st.

“I take the good with the good and the bad with the bad” said Mayweather about going to jail. We see 50 cent talking about the situation aswell.

The show goes back to Cotto and wee see how he is very much a family man who loves his wife and children more than anything. He fights for his family and that is clear. This episode goes on to talk about how the revenge vs Margarito felt for Cotto and we get his sentiments.

I won’t ruin the rest of the episode for you, I’ll let you watch it for yourself. Watch the videos above to see the Mayweather vs Cotto 24/7 episode 1 video. Enjoy and keep coming back for more Mayweather vs Cotto news and stories!