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If Quake and Doom exemplified action gaming in the area of video games, Lego Star Wars 3 was the definition of racing games. Lego Star Wars 3 has been present back when the beginning of computer gaming gained acclaim.

Lego Star Wars 3 is a racing game in which the player chooses cars and then races on different tracks. It is indeed playable because of its straightforwardness of controls and existence of a dynamic knack in the game.

After hundreds of hours of playing the game (LOL), I have assembled an up to date confirmed, verified guide of Lego Star Wars 3 Cheats, tricks and tips in PDF form.

Players can type any of the Lego Star Wars 3 Cheats at the 'Click to Continue' screen. Some cheat codes can also be typed at the Main Menu window.

ALL of the Lego Star Wars 3 Cheats in the guide are tested and confirmed.

This entire guide of Lego Star Wars 3 Cheats can be downloaded in this Lego Star Wars 3 Cheats