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Have you been a techie? Love gadgets? Computer expert? Like hacking and tweaking software and hardware? You might be a geek. Truth be told, you're pretty much like me. Okay now, let's not fight within the concept of a geek.

Here are some software (all free) for geeks, based on me. It is possible to download programas gratis each by clicking its name:

Firefox/Chrome: These top dogs inside the web browser world are not only found appropriate for everyone, but in addition they're a geek's playground. The use of Ie and you also consider yourself tech-savvy, reconsider, then reconsider that thought, and think until you have one of these browsers installed.

Notepad++: It's another have to have tool for the geek. The Notepad contained in Windows is fine. It's simple, full-featured for web site design and it has everything an average person needs. But you might be a geek. You need to have Notepad++. It's color coding assistance when you are web designing, they have more features and whatever you decide and can consider. Ok, and open-source.

Dropbox: Wow, an ideal file synchronizing tool. It is the ultimate choice (especially for geeks, once again) for sync and backup. It isn't really absolutely free, but there are hardly any limitations. The free account gets to be a decent 2 GB of online storage, that you can expand which has a fee, however i never felt an excuse for it. You may also get an extra 250 MB for completing the tutorial, and much more free space using the instructions here. Dropbox is magical. It is possible to upload any type of file, regardless of what size (unless it exceeds the size in your account), and greatest coming from all, it behaves like all other folder in your computers, while using added functionality on constantly synchronizing.

7-Zip: WinZip can be so traditional. It even isn't free. 7-Zip is little, light, and open-source, so that it is totally free. Windows comes with a fine file extractor. However it cannot extract the newer, better compressed file types. 7-Zip expands the capacity by integrating using your OS and it can extract almost all sorts of compressed files. It does not take ultimate compression utility.

Torrent: Hey, come on, torrents usually are not illegal. Everything depends upon that which you are downloading. Torrents can be extremely helpful for downloading large software libre, so if you're a geek, you should know torrents. Torrent is the foremost torrent app out there. You need to have it. You will need it when downloading large open-source stuff, like OpenOffice, or large versions of Linux (see, I discuss only free software application here).

TeamViewer: How do a geek do without this? TeamViewer, in case you have never been aware of it, is often a remote access and remote support software. You can use it to impress friends, and/or enable them to if they're having problems and want some of your geeky expertise. It's free for commercial use, and there aren't limitations. When you have TeamViewer, it is simple to tell the person conversely to download an inferior version (or the full featured one) and are able to use their automatically generated user ID and password to log in to their computer and find out the challenge. I, personally, have never tried on the extender for remote usage of my computer.

GIMP: The free open-source GNU Image Manipulating Program. This is arguably the most effective free photo editing oral appliance is (more) arguably an excellent Photoshop alternative. Okay, Photoshop fans descargar programas gratis, don't clobber me with the. The only catch is (no, it's free, and full-featured) it provides a slight learning curve. You will probably find Paint.NET better discover a great deal into photo editing (i on a regular of that time period).

CCleaner: The geek's choice in computer clean-up utilities. It may clean up all of the gunk Disk Cleanup cleans, plus a lot of the stuff other apps forget. Additionally, it may clean the registry and work from your flash drive without any problems, to be used on others' computers.

So, these were the very basic freeware a geek will need to have in his/her arsenal for everyday computing. Did I miss something important? Throw it to the comments, and that i will add it into the list.