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Marina Bay Suites for Sale

One of the most challenging decision you make is when getting your long-time dream house. That is precisely why Marina Bay Suites Singapore, that offers its exceptional location and abundant features, aims to unravel any young professional?s day-to-day living worries within the city.

The Marina Bay Suites condominium tower sits right in the center of Marina Bay; soaring high with over 200 units. This 66-storey high building is the perfect location to appreciate the beauty of the entire city.

The floor type varieties of Marina Bay Suites are three- to four-bedroom family layouts. Inside each unit are classy furnishing and state-of-the-art appliances to match the modern-day living. Style is undeniable when Miele home appliances are combined with Laufen, Steinberg, and Reginox furnishings. A three-bedroom unit is approximately 1,500 sq ft, and a four-bedroom unit is about 2,500 sq ft. Marina Bay Suites features its spacious floors by only having four units on each floor with private lift lobby, also single and duplex penthouses with their own swimming pools. This exceptional condo also provides the general population with their superb 50-metre lap pool and Sky Cabanas.

Marina Bay Suites Singapore price is averaging to about at least S$2,300 per square ft. Asset sales consultants will always be able to acknowledge your questions on Marina Bay Suites rental and for sale availability. This is the kind of innovative urban living that young professionals need. Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates turned the desires of several business owners and property visionaries into reality by building Marina Bay Suites. It was put together by Cheung Kong Holdings, Hongkong Land, and Keppel Land, the very same group who built the Marina Bay Financial Centre, another magnum opus with the perception of ?work, live, and play? environment.

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