Make Way for the Ford Edge

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One more addition to Fords lineup for class leading vehicles is the 2007 Ford Edge. It is a new midsize crossover automobile. At its introduction, Ford targets that this vehicle must be able to compete head to head with car imports like the Toyota Highlander and the Nissan Murano. Built on the Ford CD3 platform, the 2007 Ford Edge will certainly be a thing to appear forward to. Just picture, this platform has also been used for other highly identified and respected cars like the Ford Fusion, the Mercury Milan, and the upcoming Lincoln Zephyr.

Individuals who have been in a position to look at the 2007 Ford Edge has come to state that this car definitely could pass for yet another Ford Fusion. This is due to the fact the Ford Edge has the same catholic church supplies front end styling that the other car has. Rumors also have it that this new automobile would be coming equipped with the really same power supply behind the Ford Fusion machine. So praying hands that would extremely much mean that the 2007 Ford Edge will have a three. liter V6 engine with four cylinders as its power source. Although some rumors proclaim that the engine baptismal bowl could be upgraded to a 3.five liter engine with six cylinders. This vehicle certainly looks slightly heavier than the Ford Fusion. Come the time that this car will make its way to the streets and the rest of the American industry, it would be able to fill the niche in between the Ford Escape and the Ford Explorer.

The Ford Edge created its way to public expertise when it was presented by the Ford Motor Business throughout the Detroit Motor Show this year. It actually combines both the space and area of traditional sport utility autos with the maneuverability, flexibility, and fuel efficiency of most contemporary autos. This is what automobiles have to have so as to be in a position to compete in the quickly developing crossover utility vehicle segment in the automobile market place. This segment actually has been predicted to surpass and upstage the sport utility vehicles come the end of this year. And it is extremely considerably most likely that with the Ford Edge, the Ford Motor Firm is on its way to accomplishing higher heights and wider ranges.

Mark Fields, Ford Motor Companys president in the United States and the rest of North America, states, Edge underscores the bold, American design direction for all Ford cars going forward. Edge also is packed with Ford innovation from its panoramic glass roof and laptop friendly center console to fuel saving engine and advanced safety attributes. We count on Edge to make waves in the hot crossover market place this year just like the Fusion did for midsize vehicles last year.