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What is the best time of the year to travel to Greece ?

It depends on in which you wish to go. The best months to visit the hawaiian islands are May, June, early July, late August, September and early October. Steer clear of the dates July 20th to August 20th what are busiest from the tourist season, and late October because the weather gradually deteriorates.

If you wish to visit the Greek mainland, then March, April, May, June, September and October are suitable months. July and August are both very warm and busy.

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What must i bring. ?

1. Sun screen lotion, sun block and much more sun screen lotion. (I am inclined to bring one bottle and buy another there.) 2. A hat that covers the face. 3. A good pair of sunglasses that block U.V. rays. 4. 2 sets of "day clothes" which are cool and comfy. Can be shorts (nice) along with a decent t-shirt. Should be cotton. A lot of women travelers wear sun skirts, but this might get you stared at. 5. some "evening" clothes which include pants along with a nice shirt. Your image is important. You also wish to wear pants if you go into a major church. 6. Good walking shoes. Acropolis tended to be on high peaks (surprise surprise) and they generally have lots of rocks.

Many of the island villages have cobble stone streets. 

7. Each day bag that you can carry a 1.5 L bottle water in, your best guide books, sunscreen and towel in.

8. A decent camera that you can hide in your wallet or bag. 

I leave my expensive one at home. 9. 200 or speed film. All-purpose much of your pictures will be outside. May even get by with 100. 10. Helpful information book. 11. Toothbrush, razor, etc.