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outdoor boxwood hedge - Artificial boxwood bush is a nice way to liven up any area without overdoing it. These vegetation is a nice compliment along with other boxwood plants and do not overpower a central arrangement.

These bushes are excellent to use as a stand-alone product are equally as beautiful in a hedgerow. Available in three sizes from Geranium Street Floral, these bushes may be bunched together to form an interior hedge.

These versatile boxwood plants are even being used as filler by cutting them up and inserting them into an arrangement. Hanging pots, vertical planters and several other types of locations are being used to plant these fake bushes.

artificial boxwood hedge - Artificial Boxwood Balls For Elegant Interior decor

Artificial Boxwood Balls For Elegant Interior decor

Artificial Boxwood Balls For Elegant Decor in your home

outdoor boxwood hedge mat - For those individuals trying to create a privacy hedge, these plants can hide to 14 vertical inches and achieve this with no chance of the neighbor being able to see through this dense plastic foliage.

With low online prices at Geranium Street, there is very little risk to trying our excellent bushes. If there is ever any doubt, call Bob. He always answers his phone and it is willing to do his best to serve his new and established customers.