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Choose A Marbella Villa For Your Group Holiday

So you and your mates have decided that it’s about time you all went on a big group holiday together and you’re all trying to settle on where to go. Or maybe you’re planning a celebration, perhaps for a birthday or an anniversary and you’re looking for the perfect destination. It’s likely that you’ll be after somewhere hot and as summer’s not too far away now, why not go somewhere exotic?

Unfortunately, in this country we do not get a lot of sun. So if you’re after somewhere hot, you’re probably considering somewhere in Europe. Spain is an extremely popular holiday destination for us Brits and trying to decide on a specific location within the beautiful country can be a difficult task.

In addition to this, you also want to find somewhere to stay that will accommodate so many of you. You could opt for a hotel, but the cost is going to be sky high for each of you. What you really want is somewhere that will accommodate for a big group where you can all just split the price equally.

If all the above issues apply to your party, why not choose to hire a villa in Marbella?

Part of the region of the Costa del Sol, Marbella is a city situated in southern Spain. It is home to many various activities including buggy riding, Sphereing and Aquaskipping. As a group, you may decide that you wish to partake in one of Marbella’s activities and enjoy a day out together. Alternatively, you may choose to spend all your time together as a group in your very own villa and just enjoy each other’s company. The majority of Marbella’s villas are able to accommodate a minimum of 8 people and are perfect if you want to spend time with your friends, without being surrounded by other holiday members at the same time.

Fitted with outdoor pools, the villas available to rent in Marbella have plenty of facilities that can allow you to really bask in the sunshine. As well as the pools, many villas have a BBQ so that you can all sit outside and enjoy a meal together in the sun. And if the sun becomes too much for you, most villas are fitted with air conditioning. That way you can escape inside for an hour or so to cool down and then hop back outside and dive into the pool.

Another benefit of renting a villa rather than stopping in a hotel is that they are self catering. This way, you actually save money as you will not be paying for people to prepare your meals. You can all decide as a group, what you want to eat and when. There won’t be any need to worry about whether or not you will like the food as you will be picking and cooking it yourself.

It is understandable however if some nights, you do not want to cook; after all, you are on holiday. In which case, you can all go out for a group meal. These villas are always close to various restaurants and shops so you will not need to worry about where you are going to get your next meal from.

Marbella villas to rent provide you with your own little community, where you can bond with your friends whilst experiencing the holiday of a lifetime. You can eat as and when you want and you will have no distractions from other holiday makers.