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I get questions from my customers about how to take care of their bed linens. You may have been wondering about this too. How often should be linen be changed to maintain your linens for years of use.Maybe you also have this question how often to change lenjerii pat hotel if you have an allergy sufferer in your house.How often bed linens should be replaced depends on several different things.Every people sheds skin every day and every night, resulting in bits of dead skin to be on bed linens after a night’s sleep. It would be very nice to have bed linen changed every day for completely cleaning, but for most people this is impractical and virtually impossible with a busy daily schedule.Probably the only people who have a housekeeping staff can enjoy the luxury of fresh sheets and pillowcases being replaced daily.In general,a good homemaker changes lenjerii hotel at least once per week.However,if experiencing night sweats or hot flashes,it may be best to change them many times.Assuming that the people who sleep in the bed shower before sleeping,that they do not take breakfast or a snak in bed and cause spills all over the bed,or that the bed linen becomes dirty more quickly for any other reason,twice in a week linen changes are normally enoughf.Some people prefer to change their bed linen two times in a week to ensure their sheets always feel fresh and snuggly. This can be very useful during the warmer months,especially if you keep your home warmer to save energy.In cold months,these same people usually prefer to allow the sheets to stay on the bed a few more days since body perspiration is less likely.Anyone who has allergies have to change their bed linen very often.Dust mites and other allergens collect on bed linen and can make worse the allergies causing runny noses,stuffed sinuses, and other healt problems that last all day long.In fact,some people with the severe allergies are forced to change lenjerii hoteluri each day to prevent suffering after sleeping on day-old bed linens.So,the answer to the question of how many times should bed linens be changed really depends on your type of life,your health and your personal preferences.However, you should never leave bed linen on the bed longer than one week.It's usually best to own at least 3 sets of bed linens.One for the bed,one in the linen closet and one in the laundry.