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You should also ask for guarantee on the LPG Conversion done and the performance of the car promised to you after the conversion. Owners of fleet cars, taxis and other high mileage vehicles can save thousands of pounds on annual fuel costs by converting their cars to run on LPGCosts no more for insurance - Many motorists believe that an LPG converted vehicle will be more expensive to insure. Therefore, you are ensured of the highest quality and value for your money by this direct purchasing.

<img width="300" height="150" src="http://www.lpg-car-conversion-london.co.uk/images/LPG_CONVERSION_VOLVO_V50_BRC_FRONT.JPG" />

Among the different conversions, the air valve system is the cheapest one, which you can go for your car. In the conversion process, the LPG tank is positioned in the boot of your vehicle where you find a spare wheel. Diesel Gas Conversions have become more advanced and you get increased power and in most of the cases the resale value of your car is increased.

This conversion benefits many consumers across the world. It is clear that whenever you find car mechanic in Melbourne and get LPG Conversion in Melbourne, it may seem expensive. After the use of gas injections the power and torque are increased up to 60% depending on the condition of your car.

You might be spending lot of money in gratifying the fuel need if your vehicle, but those days are gone. The number of vehicles using LPG as an alternative to petroleum is growing rapidly. On the contrary, LPG emissions are less harmful and eco-friendly.