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I've a few friends that are writers, too - of varying degrees of success. I have plied them for secrets, tips, advice - and also if they wanted to give me advice, none of it was ever beneficial.

I have spent a lot of time on my computer, late a night, staring at a blank word document - or possibly I've got one or two great opening lines. That's usually as far as I could get... MyNovel 4. 0 trumps old dirty typewriters, hands downSo I started turning to the net for advice - as our generation is will not to do. And I stumbled onto this MyNovel computer software, and figured I'd give it a try - hey, there is a trial available, what's to lose? (It's in the upper right hand corner).

I tried it out for a couple days and before I knew it I had already gotten farther along in a piece of writing than ever before. MyNovel 4. 0 pc software offers tools like topic questionnaires, analysis tools, corkboard features, timelines and diagrams, and more. It has all sorts of things to help spur you on, plus it in fact is the kick in the pants that I have needed in my writing.

I desired to write this MyNovel 4.0, definitely not cause I'm sure this is actually the smartest thing ever created for this type of purpose, but instead because I know that we now have Lots of people on the market like me - wannabe writers who enjoy the craft but lack the focus - who could really benefit from something similar to this. I know Squidoo is full of fledgling (and accomplished) writers of all sorts!