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Stretch marks became one of thorn within the side which is most girls who gave birth, adolescents reach puberty or youth who get fat or lose weight suddenly. However, this is often not as a result of that may affect health, but ugly, which gives a sense of discomfort.

Symptoms and signs

Stretch marks are referred to as linear skin lesions ensuing from harm and rupture of elastic fibers. Risk areas where stretch marks occur most frequently are those of the body with additional fat, like thighs, hips, legs, buttocks, breasts, abdomen or higher arms.

Medical terms for these Pensiune

sorts of skin depressions are striae atrophicans, striae distensae, streak rubra (red stretch marks), white striae (stretch marks white). Stretch marks appear initial tend to possess a pink-purple or brown, betting on skin pigment, and the oldest gets to come a pearl white look.

Cause of stretch marks

Doctors say that stretch marks is influenced by hormonal disturbances related to puberty, birth and building muscle. Moreover, several students have shown that among the factors identified that can cause stretch marks embrace stress, obesity and lack of vitamins and minerals within the body. also have a personal irrational and unhealthy diet or lose weight and obtain fat suddenly faced with such "scars", appeared weakened the structure of collagen and elastic fibers, on the surface of skin tissue.

Hormones, the main reason for stretch marks

The main reason inflicting the formation of stretch marks, both at puberty and during the birth stay, in keeping with specialists, any change in body volume. throughout puberty stretch marks are at seventieth of girls and 400th of boys, particularly when the shape and size of young increase in weight. Then there is a stretching of the skin and collagen fibers break. Breaking collagen fibers causes scars or lines known as stretch marks, known lately as the most encountered skin condition. plenty of specialists say that although folks associate stretch marks with pregnancy in ladies or the appearance of additional pounds, the $64000 cause is the hormones.

During the process of remodeling of collagen-producing pigment cells, called melancocite are reduced dramatically. This lack of pigment suggests that causes stretch marks because previous to vary color from pink-purple to white pearl. the colour of stretch marks will vary from red to brown or pink, and along tend to be hardly noticeable, even invisible. However, restricted cases have been reported leading to the emergence of this phenomenon: a dysfunction of the gland that produces stress hormones (adrenal gland), genetic factors or prolonged treatment with creams.

How are you able to get rid of stretch marks?

Although doctors acknowledge that stretch marks don't affect health or the body's ability to work, ladies above all ugly unhappy resort to treatments to fade stretch marks growth. For prevention therapies should be avoided and slimming cures or sudden fattening, similarly as vital fluctuations in weight and prolonged physical exercise. one among the most recommendations of specialists is caring for a nutrition rich in vegetables, fruit, vitamins and minerals.

Pregnant girls at risk of stretch marks

Studies on this Pensiune

site show that between 75th and ninetieth of pregnant women develop stretch marks during pregnancy. Therefore, we recommend frequent visits and consulting gynecologist in order to stay weight and diet surveillance. Generally, stretch marks appear within the sixth or seventh month, when pregnant belly begins to grow, and also the skin stretches to the limit. At this point, the collagen layers tear and the skin is broken. the first girls at risk of stretch marks are those that inherit the genetic phenomenon, whose mothers have experienced them themselves. No pregnant ladies who have pigmented skin, get fat considerably during pregnancy or eating wrong escapes and are liable to stretch marks.

Stretch marks ever go away?

Although they found a number of methods which will cause improvement or fade stretch marks , they are doing not disappear entirely. Like scars while not surgery cannot utterly disappear. Medical solutions are found for mitigation based mostly lotions with vitamin A acid, grease or oils containing glycerin, placenta extracts and creams or abrasive silica, which might cause skin peeling.

What many thought of fatal if the stretch marks because they'll never disappear completely. If you continue to have a reddish color, pink is usually recommended to use creams to moisturize, however as soon as they become white and road signs that are healing, the only solution could be a doctor.

Currently, experts agree that was not invented however effective treatment to get rid of stretch marks, so that saving girls is to prevent the methods counseled by doctors. plastic surgery, laser treatments and ultasunete, ultraviolet rays and creams are ways of treatment applied in cases of stretch marks. Currently, doctors and specialists opinions differ and sometimes contradictory, both in terms of the factors leading to their look, in addition as the treatments they recommend patients. Check Vergeturi - Cauze ale aparitiei tratament for more info.