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Black liquorice and licorice are the same candy confections that we know and love, or are they different? "liquorice" is the British spelling that is used in England and in most of Europe. Black "licorice" is the spelling that is used in North America. Does the difference in spelling mean a difference in which is the best black licorice? Let's investigate.

Liquorice is a sweet candy confection that is manufactured all over the world and sold in all parts of the world. What is deceiving about black liquorice is the fact that it truly is not authentic unless it contains Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) Extract. This ingredient that comes from the licorice root is the ingredient that gives black licorice its name. There are thousands of black liquorice or black licorice candies out there that are made with anise seed extract which also has that delicious licorice flavor. So, which is the best licorice?

In an effort to decide which of all licorices is the best black licorice we would have to survey millions of people and thousands of various licorices on the market today. In researching the topic on the internet, I can first conclude that Europeans and Swedish consume a huge amount of licorice and also manufacture various types of black liquorice. Perhaps, the best-selling black licorice for liquorice connoisseur is that which has the highest percentage of licorice extract. It seems to be personal preference as to which liquorice is the best licorice.

If you look at the ingredients on each licorice package you will find that most contain both licorice root extract and anise seed extract. I have looked at a variety of brands of liquorice produced in Sweden and have found that the majority of black liquorice there has only liquorice root extract and the people of Sweden tend to eat a great amount of black liquorice. So, maybe Sweden has the best licorice. I truly believe that it is according to preference.

As for me, if I were to choose the best black liquorice it would be the type that is the safest, the tastiest and the most beneficial to my health. Another person may view the best black licorice as being the strongest flavored that contains the highest percent of licorice root extract. It would also depend on which part of the world the person is from. For instance; those that live in Sweden and Europe tend to indulge themselves more frequently with salt licorice. Again, it is preference.