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Contact: Simon Shannon Joelocal Pty. Ltd 1800 868 305 Sydney, NSW - Joe Local will Launch the first of its electrician directories in Sydney later this month. Electricians from around Sydney are urged to take up this new and exciting offer, starting on 1/3/2012. As a result of this announcement consumers can expect more detailed search results from Google, especially when they type in keywords such as “ electrician milperra ”, “24 Hour Electrician”, “ electrician wakeley ” and “Fan Installation Sydney” Up until now most web customers have had to wade through much irrelevant content before finding information they need. Joe Local has stated that its mantra is to make the internet more relevant in the eyes of Google. More specific search term results is expected to make search the web easier for the average user and therefore will allow more time for other pursuits such as playing footy with your mates, fishing or going shopping with the missus.  “Being an electrician in Sydney will never quite be the same again” says Simon Shannon, Managing Director of Joe Local Australia. “Expect companies to show some real growth from this thing. In some cases even doubling their business”. Getting involved with the new Joe Local Electrician Directory is now possible for all regions in Sydney. Joe Local representatives are urging all perspective clients to get in quick, as only one opening is available for each region. This is the biggest difference between Joe Local and other online web based directories, as generally other directories don’t have the same direct focus on one company To qualify for this listing, as a pre-requisite Electricians must prove that they can hook up lighting, install solar panels, fix circuitry issues, install fans, wire up new homes and offer all these services at an honest, affordable rate.