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In This Post We Will Be Looking At The LG Infinia 65LW6500 65-Inch TV

On the subject of obtaining a top of the line TV, there are a number of options. However for many people, only the largest sized and best will do for them. These are the particular men and women who only want the largest TV that they can locate. These individuals probably already have the best sound system now they have to have a TV to match. The LG Infinia 65LW6500 65-Inch TV, could very well be the television you are searching for and we will be speaking about that unit here.

You have probably figured this out but 65 inches is the actual size of the TV screen. So when it comes to big screen TV's, this is actually one of the biggest display screens you will find. You will additionally learn that this TV makes use of the LED technology which provides you with one of the very best images that you can get. I am sure you will also love the fact that this TV will also incorporate 3D technology and they will also provide you with 4 pairs of 3D glasses. When you are looking for a top of the line TV, it should at least have all the characteristics listed above, as this one does. Check out our latest {amazon electronic product review on Digital Cameras Review

You may not understand the value yet but this TV additionally comes complete with smart TV. This means that you will be able to hook up your TV to the Internet in order to watch streaming movies straight from the Internet One more thing you will understand is because your TV can connect to the web you will be able to browse the web right from your couch utilizing the TV. If you happen to be a big sports fan you will discover that you can also watch sporting events that are live and streamed from the Internet.

One thing you should realize is that while this TV is truly ready for 3D programing, you will have to have a source that will allow you to get the 3D shows. So if you don't possess a 3D Blu-ray player yet, it is something you should definitely think about getting. Or if your cable or perhaps satellite TV service supplies them, you can sign up to 3D channels that will enable you to watch 3D programing. Something that is great about this unit is that they provide you with the glasses you need to watch the 3D programing, 4 pair of glasses. You can also obtain more glasses when you need them for larger households.

This particular TV is selling for $2,813.98 on Amazon and you may well think that this price is a bit extreme, but this is a top of the line TV and when you want the best you have to pay for it. You'll not have to pay extra shipping for this specific TV as Amazon picks up the shipping fees. Additionally you can be sure that you are getting the best price with Amazon's "Low Price Guarantee". When you happen to be one of the individuals where only the best will do this is the ideal TV for you and also your home theater system.