Eight Passenger Vehicles Are Ideal For Family Life

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There are very a few vehicles on the market these days which have the capacity to seat 8 people. Considering the state of the economy and of the car industry itself, it's a bit surprising at how well all of these larger models sell. Car manufactures have managed to update the vehicles and most appear to have the ability to get reasonable gas mileage.

Chevrolet has two eight passenger vehicles, the Traverse and the Express. The Traverse is a definitely sleek looking SUV and the Express is a passenger Van. Both get around sixteen miles to the gallon, offer a lot of leg room and an incredibly comfy ride and are superb for taking the family on long road trips.

The Honda Odyssey EX is another 8 passenger vehicle is a extraordinary wagon car that looks and feel luxurious on the inside and out. It has a DVD and audio system that will keep the children quiet during long trips making it a superb option for the family who likes to travel.

The Ford Expedition is an eye-catching looking SUV which is larger than all of the other 8 passenger vehicles on the market. Gas mileage is about twenty miles per gallon on the highway, a little less in the town. It's a roomy and elegant option in the world of SUVs

Dodge brings us the Durango, another large SUV that carries 8 passenger SUV. It has several remarkable options that can make this vehicle a dream become a reality for it is owners. The hybrid version of the Durango gets 20 miles per gallon of gas and is amazingly environmentally friendly

All of these vehicles provide the option of carrying 8 passenger vehicles, get decent gas mileage and are actually excellent for family living.