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There are aspects of the optimization process that gain and lose importance. Content optimization is no exception to this .Through the many algorithm changes that take place each year ,the weight given to the content on your going up or down .Currently incoming links appear to give greater advantage than well-written and optimizare seo content. So why are we taking an entire article in this series to focus on the content optimization? The goal for anyone following this series is to promovare site and optimize a website that will rank well on the major search engines and more difficult and far more important,hold those rankings through changes in the search engine algorithms. While currently having a bunch of incoming links from high PageRank websites will do good for you on Google you must consider what will happen to your rankings when the importance given to incoming links drops,or how your site fares on search engines other than Google that don't place the same emphasis on incoming links. While there are many characteristics of your content that are in the algorithmic calculations,there are a few that consistently hold relatively high priority and thus will be the focus of this article. These are: heading tags,special text (bold, colored, etc.).inline text links or keyword density.Your goal here is not to sell to search engines, it is to sell to people. I have seen sites that have gone so overboard in increasing their keyword density that the content itself reads horribly. If you are simply aware of the phrase that you are targeting while you write your content then chances are you will attain a keyword density somewhere between 3 and 5%. Stay in this range and, provided that the other aspects of the optimization process are in place, you will rank well across many of the search engines.Also remember when you're looking over your page that when you're reading it the targeted phrase may seem to stand out as it's used more than any other phrase on the page and may even seem like it's a bit too much. Unless you've obviously overdone it (approached the 10% rather than 5% end of the spectrum) it's alright for this phrase to stand out. This is the phrase that the searcher was searching for. When they see it on the page it will be a reminder to them what they are looking for and seeing it a few times will reinforce that you can help them find the information they need to make the right decision.