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A close look On iPage Hosting Features

Read More - Unlimited Hosting Host unlimited websites at the cost of one web hosting account.

Free Url of your website Save USD10 to USD15 annually on domain registration fees.

vDeck Hosting iPage users include the newest version of vDeck as control panel. vDeck is another popular web server user interface like cPanel and its famous using its simplicity and user-friendliness.

Hosting Plan Pricing iPage hosting is, actually, among the cheapest shared hosting provider around Internet. The primary Plan comes with just about all features necessary for a personal blog with a small ecommerce website; also it costs only USD3.50 monthly. The price tag applies for 12-month, 24-month, along with 36-month subscriptions - However as the cost is comparative low, most users will signup for around 2-years upfront to be able to freeze the lower pricing.

Click Here - Anytime Moneyback Client satisfaction Guarantees iPage provides a money back refund for customers who cancel their account inside first 30 days (excluding free domain registration fees) and pro-rated refund for customers who cancel their account following your first 1 month. Quite simply, if you're unhappy with iPage hosting for whatever reason, it is possible to unsubscribe your money anytime following the first 1 month trial period and get back your cash partially.

Customer Supports iPage customer supports can be purchased in a variety of format, including toll-free phone, email, customer-based ticketing, in addition to live chat system, 24x7x365. The service provider promises that customer requests (such as phone calls and live chat requests) will probably be responded in two minutes by a US-based support staffs.

Read More - Free Marketing Credits Get free marketing credits on top websites including Google and Facebook, approximately USD400 in value.

Green Hosting iPage hosting is 100Percent powered by recyclable wind energy. Quite simply, hosting websites on iPage does not enhance your personal carbon footprint.