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It is crucial that you choose the right form of Irish Boy LED for your needs. You need to understand the needs of your plants and the different alternatives that are offered when purchasing a grow light. Make sure to choose a vendor that has a good understanding of plants and the light requirements for them to direct you towards your decision when it’s time and energy to purchase your grow light. Take a good look at the Irishboy LED reviews Our website has many reviews regarding some of the best LED grow lights available for you to read. The most recent grow lights of 2011 Reviews of specific brands of grow lights available include: Prosource, Hydrogrow, and Magnum’s. 357. in addition , current testing is underway for newer products from Hydra/Spectro, Solaro’s Sun Clone, Stealth Extreme, and more. People who are enthusiastic about using grow lights for cultivating cannabis can find more details about this in the Growers Guide for Cannabis. Because this help guide is updated quite often, you might want to go ahead and bookmark the page.