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Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Do you notice a painful swelling around your anal area? Are you feeling quite uncomfortable at times because of the pain or itching or even burning sensation each time you sit on the toilet bowl? If you are, then you are probably suffering from a very embarrassing medical condition called hemorrhoids. You need not feel ashamed of it since its more common than you think. Many men and women all over the world are experiencing the same problem. If you are looking for home remedies for hemorrhoids, then here is a short article to help you out.

Hemorrhoids can result from many factors which affect our daily living. Whether it is from weight gain from pregnancy or hormonal changes, the blood vessels around the anal canal can easily swell and become engorged. This then becomes a big problem since it causes major discomfort such as itchiness and in some cases bleeding.

Many people who are suffering from hemorrhoids have reported great results from different home remedies with the use of different herbal extracts. You will be surprised how easy it is to cure this seemingly complicated problem with simple home remedies for hemorrhoids that involve things that you can conveniently find in your own home.

If you are finding it hard to go about your daily bowel movements because the hemorrhoids tend to become swollen and painful, then you should try eating fruits and vegetables that could help soften your stool. Eat a lot of bananas as it will help make painful bowel movements become more manageable.

Looking for a way to decrease the size of your hemorrhoids when the condition flares up? Then apply some witch hazel extract on the swollen vessels to gradually shrink their size. Witch hazel also acts as an antiseptic so this means it will also veer away any infections that may worsen your condition.

You can also try to relieve any discomfort by drawing a warm bath for yourself with the help of a baking soda solution. Baking soda is great in lessening the itchiness that you may feel in the anal area. Its also quite relaxing too as the warm water will help your muscles relax.

Topical creams with Aloe Vera solution will also have a very calming effect on your hemorrhoids. Simply look for a cream that has pure Aloe Vera extract and other extracts such as white oak and bayberry. Apply it on the affected area daily and you will be able to notice that in a very short time, the burning sensation and the itching will be gone.

Try any of the above mentioned home remedies for hemorrhoids for at least two weeks and see the effect it has on you. You can also try two home remedies in conjunction with each other depending on your preferences as long as you do not over expose your hemorrhoids to too many different essences at the same time. If your condition still does not improve then do nothesitate to see a doctor immediately. You may need to undergo the surgical procedure if the hemorrhoids are already in a developed stage that cannot simply be cured by home remedies anymore. Source treatments for hemorrhoids