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Contact: Simon Shannon Joelocal Pty. Ltd 1800 868 305 joe@joelocal.com.au http://www.joelocal.com.au Sydney, NSW - Joe Local will Launch the first of its exciting Painting directories later this month. Painters who have been finding it difficult to get an online presence in the past are now urged to take up this new and exciting offer, starting on 1/3/2012. It is anticipated that as a result of this announcement consumers browsing the web can expect more detailed search results from Google, especially when typing in keywords relevant to painting, such as Painter Sydney”, “ painter balmoral ” Local Sydney Painter”, “House Painting” and “Painting Touch-Ups” It is the lack of specific search results that have been infuriating the average web user for years, at least this is the language coming from the Joe Local camp. “Being a Painter in Sydney will be changed forever” says James Hurley, product developer for Joe Local. “I see a day when people instead of using our site instead of google for a more trusted search experience” James has stated that subscription to the new Joe Local Cleaning site is available, but only for a limited time. It is expected that once launched spots for areas will be snapped up due to thier ashtonishing value for money when compared to other online advertising options such as adwords pay per click To qualify for this listing, as a pre-requisite Cleaners must prove that they can perform adequate cleaning standards suitable for residential and commercial cleaning situations. Complete with proper insurances and references. For more information please contact Joe Local directly on 1300 868 604