Why You Should Enter A Band Competition

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If you have a band and you think you can make it to the best, then you’ve most likely thought about entering a band competition. Maybe you want to get signed or put your music out there for a wider audience? Whatever the purpose, taking component in a band festival will aid you to achieve exposure and unsigned bands exposure develop your fan base.

By participating in a band competitors, such as the Surface Festival, you give your band the opportunity to ‘get noticed’ and with events taking spot all through the UK and Europe there is a lot of chance to reach a new audience.

A band festival normally has a vast array of sponsors so participating does not only give you the exposure you crave but it also gives a wide range of prizes if you unsigned showcase get through to the final stages. Prizes can incorporate slots at other festivals and reside music events, music gear, digital distribution, PR and radio plugging.

Of course the prizes and the opportunity to get your band noticed on a UK-wide and even a European scale is the greatest lure but participation also gives you the opportunity to meet other bands and listen to some great music.

There are generally age restrictions related with every band competition so you should make confident you verify this out just before entering as some competitions do not enable band members under 16 years of age.

If you have household members coming to assistance you in the band festival you will also need to have to be aware that some venues have age restrictions such as 14+, 16+ or 18’s and over – tell youngsters they’ll have to be there in spirit and young-looking friends and household to bring ID or they will not be admitted!

Whatever your style of music you’ll locate a band festival to suit your genre – in fact most big competitions will accept bands from all backgrounds and whatever occurs further down the line, regardless of whether you win or lose, taking portion will be an wonderful expertise.