What Is the Best Digital TENS Unit

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So which is the best Digital TENS Unit

The Basics of TENS machine

A TENS device (short for Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Simulation) is often available in either analog or digital format. Most units have only a few settings on their gui. These control such things as rate (usually cycles per second), width (how long it stays on – usually measured in millionths of a second), amplitude (just how much amperage/wattage is being applied), and, with a digital unit, an electronic digital display. That’s just about principle, so that you should see all of these on all unit you will be contemplating.

Difference Between EMS and TENS unit

The EMS devices are being used mainly to promote the muscles to contract whereas the TENS devices are being used mainly to promote nerves to alleviate pain. A lot worries exactly where the electrodes are placed and why.

Is Digital TENS Unit Better Than Analog

Actually, the whole thing comes down to what you favor. Digital units are much smaller and might even fit in your wallet. However, many individuals might find the tiny screens a lttle bit hard to read. Analog units are larger as well as a bit more cumbersome but both do the same thing job. So, pick whichever TENS device is best for you.

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