Ways To Lure People Back To Your Website

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You've built a site, filled it with content, and have a steady stream of new visitors. Congratulations, you have completed half of your duties. Once you have attracted visitors to your site, you want to do whatever you can to turn first-time visitors into repeat visitors.

The surest way to drive visitors away from your site is to leave the content the same. When visitors to your site see nothing new after a couple of visits, they will not bother coming back for a third time. In addition, search engines do not pay attention to sites that do not change content often.

Give your visitors something new to look at. If time is a constraint, you can always use guest bloggers or post links to other relevant articles. You can also try taking some of your earlier content from years ago and reposting it. Even something as simple as adding a date counter to your site that shows when your site was last updated will help your rankings with search engines and your image with customers, if you update frequently, that is.

Consider incorporating into your pages an easy method for people to bookmark your site to facilitate their return. To increase the odds of people returning, encourage your visitors to register for your email newsletter or to be notified when you post new information.

Links that encourage people to recommend your site to their friends will also work in your favor. In this social networking age, make use of easily available plugins that allow your visitors to endorse your site on Twitter and Facebook pages. Similar options are available for numerous other social sites, including Digg and StumbleUpon. Another idea is to include a plug-in that will allow visitors to email an article, since there are still many people who are not plugged into social networking sites. Your goal is to facilitate the return of visitors to your site, but you also want to enable them to share their findings and draw in new visitors in the process.

You will be able to improve the visibility of your website by using the right keywords. Keywords are like road maps. Search engines can use keywords to locate your site. When your site shows up well on search engines results pages, you are bound to get new visitors. This also makes it more convenient for previous visitors to return to your site in case they forget its address, or are not yet connected with you through your subscription or social links. So that you are more recognizable to search engines and your visitors, use relevant page titles and strong keywords throughout the title, URL, description, and post. Sites that are easy to find have the best traffic.

People hate spam. More to the point, spamming rarely works. Instead, it lowers your online credibility and makes you appear less professional. This means you should take great care in what you send to your subscribers. Send your clients only the information that they agreed to receive. Unwanted solicitations only make people angry and may lead to unsubscribing from your site altogether.

Continue to offer your visitors top-notch content. It will benefit you to step outside the box now and then. People who learn they could get something for free or win a valuable prize are going to return to your website. At the very least, the thought that they might win a monthly drawing or receive an exclusive subscriber-only promotional discount is enough to keep people subscribed to your newsletter.

When people come to your site, they are using up their precious time. In return, it is up to you to give them something of value as well. When visitors get value for the time they spend at your site, they will be inclined to return. By securing a steady stream of Internet traffic, you are ensuring that your products and services enjoy increased visibility and more success.